When is the Best Time to Write?

“Writing is self-employment, so you can make your own schedule.”

-Lois Lowry


As always, the obvious answer to my post’s title is “it depends”—everyone is on a different schedule. We’re all working around different class times, job hours, and day-to-day business. Sometimes a nap is just really necessary.


On the flip side, getting into a routine can help us to become more regular writers. Once we get into the habit of writing at a certain time every day, we trick our brains into actually being in the writing zone at that time. How do you make creativity arrive on time? Schedule it.

Here are some times when we could be writing:

  • First Thing in the Morning – Getting up a little earlier to write and jumpstart your brain before the day gets going
  • Commuting – Score! Snagged a seat on the subway. Time to pull out a book…or write one of your own.
  • Lunch Break – With the coming nice weather, lunchtime could mean going out and enjoying the sun or hitting up a café to channel your inner chic movie novelist.
  • When You Get Home – Now that your work/classes/etc. are out of the way, it’s time to do what you’re all about.
  • After Dinner – …Once you’ve had a bite to eat and have changed into sweatpants, natch.
  • Before Bed – You’ve worked, you’ve rested, and now you’re ready to write. Then you’re going to crash…so you can start all over again tomorrow!


When is your favorite time to write? Be sure to share in the comments!


Happy writing!

xo P


3 thoughts on “When is the Best Time to Write?

  1. I’ve always been a night time writer, hence pottering around on WordPress at this time ha. Realising you don’t have to be creative in the day time was such a relief!

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