5 Great Things about Reading Outside

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

-Groucho Marx


Warmer weather is on the way (finally)! Now instead of huddling up inside with a blanket and a book, we can head out with a picnic blanket, and, you know. A book. In preparation for summer, here are my five fave things about reading outside.



  1. Helloooo, Sun! As much as I love cocooning myself in a blanket, it can complicate turning pages. Being able to be warm and absorbed in a book simultaneously is always a plus.


  1. Reading picnics! Snag some friends, your latest read, and a giant blanket, fill a picnic basket (or get takeout, you know, it still counts), and hit up a sunny park. Reading with friends is already divine—reading aloud your favorite lines, sparking discussion when you’re reading the same thing, and just sitting together in comfortable quiet—but add in an outing, food, and sunshine, and it’s basically a golden experience.


  1. A comfortable breeze! Everybody likes a nice spring breeze anyway, but after months of being cooped up inside (reading), it is extra appreciated. Strong breezes that preemptively turn your pages for you are not included in this point.


  1. A change of scenery! You can read on the beach, at the park, by the pool, or wherever else fun you’re going this summer. As much as I’m sure we all have our favorite cozy spots for reading, it’s nice being able to find new favorites. Bonus points for seasonal reading spots, like the beach—enjoy it during the precious months where it’s warm and dry enough to read here!


  1. Seeing what other people are reading! Outdoor reading is the best place to spy your next read…or for people to spy their next read in your hands! Admit it, we all play the “what are you reading” game when we see somebody with their nose in a book. Hit up a park in summer and see how many readers you can find. It’s also a chance to make new friends and trade reading recommendations.


Where do you like to read outside, and what do you love about reading outside? Be sure to share in the comments!


Happy reading!

xo P


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