NaNoWriMo: Get Motivated, Get Hyped, Get Writing!

Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight, the race to 50,000 words begins, writers! Getting nervous? Excited? I’ve put together a Survival Kit, music recommendations, and some helpful blog posts for NaNoWriMo inspiration and motivation, so check it out!

My NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

  • Laptop
  • Flash drive, because work has to be backed up in at least one place!
  • Notebook, as I still do all of my outlining and brainstorming by hand
  • Pilot G2 pens, literally the best pens ever (Shout-out to Jordan for introducing me to these!!)
  • Sticky notes/Post-its, for updates to my outline, notes to self, and short and sweet ideas I don’t want to forget
  • Homemade checklist, so I can physically cross out every goal chapter/word count I achieve (motivation bonus!)
  • Headphones and my writing playlist, detailed below, to get me in the creative zone
  • Comfy pillows and throw blanket, because a comfy writer is a happy writer
  • Yoga pants, an oversized sweater, and fuzzy boots, because, seriously, a comfy writer is a happy writer
  • Tea and coffee, both for the caffeine to keep me up and running and the little thrill of doing something as writerly as getting up early with a mug and a manuscript
  • Friends and family, because their support and thoughtful suggestions when I hit a road block in my writing is what will get me to the finish line!!

What are your NaNo necessities? Share in the comments, or tweet me your must-haves @turtlewriter!

My NaNoWriMo Playlist

When I write, I’m all about slow, smooth music, particularly jazz and film scores. Here are some artists who will be on repeat for me this November…

  • Industries of the Blind
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Adele, because you KNOW her new album 25, out November 20th, will be as perfect as 19 and 21
  • Bastille
  • Instrumental jazz: Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk, Art Blakey, and Chet Baker
  • Classic jazz and old-timey singers: Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters, and Jimmy Durante

Any music recommendations for me? How about your preferred playlists for writing? Be sure to share!

Blog Posts to Read

“NaNo, Resources, and Free Things” – neonrainmachine

“My 2015 NaNoWriMo Survival Kit!” – raychelrose

“NaNoWriMo: Some Get-Ready Ideas” – emaginette

“DON’T STOP – Your Story is Calling You” – Jenny Hansen

“You Know What Time It Is…” – ibelonginabook

“‘Tis the Season of NaNoWriMo” – naydrielnow

Don’t forget to follow the NaNoWriMo tags on WordPress and Twitter (the hashtag and the official account)! Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks or just positive vibes, social media’s got you covered.

…and, of course, a little self-promotion!

Check out my NaNoWriMo tag, where I give tips and tricks for planning and staying positive.

I’m hoping to have my book review batch of Blood and Salt and This Monstrous Thing up Thursday or Friday, which will conclude my BTAF book haul reviews. Over on the right, I’ve added a list of forthcoming blog topics and book reviews, which will start up again in December. For November, I’ve already scheduled some short-and-sweet posts: profiles of four of my favorite middle grade and YA authors! Other than that, I’ll be seeing ya’ll on the flip side of the finish line December 1st!

Happy writing, and GOOD LUCK!!

xo P


7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Get Motivated, Get Hyped, Get Writing!

  1. Pilot G-2 Pens are the best! I probably have like 20 of them! The bright blue one is my favorite and I write best in them. Thanks for linking to my post!

  2. Thanks for including me :)

    This was a good read! I had not though about a music playlist. For the most part I am opting for a TV-show play list. But for music my go-to will be Pandora. :)

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